Undoubtedly, fuel is one of the essential commodities in the country. With the fuel prices rising nearly Rs.100, it has heavily impacted our monthly budget. This has prompted the two-wheelers to manufacture fuel-efficient vehicles. Also, buyers have become conscious and opt for bikes that offer excellent mileage. No bike buyers would want to invest their hard-earned money on a bike that gives them a mileage of less than 50 KMS/I. Many factors, such as improper gear changing, heavy load, hard acceleration, or improper services, impact your two wheeler mileage. 

Here Are Some Helpful Four Tips to Improve Bike Mileage:

  • Timely Bike Service

To improve your bike mileage, opt for a timely service. Ensure to go through the manufacturer's instructions so that you know how many kilometers and time your bike requires service. 

  • Tire Pressure

There is a hack to do this. You don't have to keep the tire inflated to the manufacturer's specifications. However, you can over-inflate them if the temperature is below 40 degrees Celsius. You don't have to worry about the tires exploding while riding the bike on the road. Keep the tires squished from the bottom to create a flat contact patch to improve the mileage. The excess air will make this flat patch decrease.

  • Air Filter

While this component is often overlooked, it has a significant role to play in the bike performance. So, replacing a clogged air filter is crucial to improve fuel efficiency and acceleration. It is best to opt for experts who understand the importance of these small but vital components services and replacements. Doctor Garage provides two wheeler repair in India that thoroughly inspects the air filter. They deeply clean and replace air filters so contaminants enter the engine and disrupt its smooth functioning. 

  • Engine Oil

The Engine Oil Can Shorten the Mileage of Your Bike in Two Ways:

  1. When your two-wheeler works fine, you don't check and change the engine oil. If the oil is not replaced in a given interval of time, it can impact the functioning of the bike. 

  2. It is essential to know that not every engine oil suits all types of bikes. Using cheap and low–quality engine oil can decline the engine's performance. 

So Follow These Steps to Improve Bike Mileage and Use the Best-quality Engine Oil as Your Expert Mechanic Recommends. 

  • Type of Fuel

We all know that petrol prices are nearly Rs.100 per liter. So to save 5-10 rupees, we opt to use cheap petrol that can impact bike performance in the long run. Doctor Garage is an expert service center that provides bike service in Ghaziabad and other major cities in India. Their expert mechanics recommend using the best-quality fuel from authorized fuel stations. 

  • Avoid Over Acceleration

Over-speeding, frequent braking, and over-acceleration can burn more fuel. Poor and reckless riding can cost you at least 15- to 20% of fuel. Ridding properly at an economical speed can save you fuel and keep you safe from the risks of accidents. 

  • Carburetor Settings

We are aware of the vacuum venturi effect. This condition is used for the bike carburetor to supply fuel to the engine. This can help improve your two wheeler mileage. It is recommended to warm up the bike engine before going ahead with the carburetor setting. 

  • Shifting Gears

This is a standard step, but it requires skills. Changing gears now and then or going slow in gears can impact the mileage. So, if you have an average two-wheeler, then shifting gears can cause a direct impact on the clutch pad, which lowers the two-wheeler average. 

  • Avoid Heavy Traffic

Ensure you take the short route with low to moderate traffic when the signals are red off the engine. This helps to save fuel and improve the mileage. 

  • Change Spark Plug

It is known that old and damaged spark plugs can impact your bike mileage by 30%. So, if you experience that your bike mileage has suddenly dropped, there is a possibility of the misfiring spark plug. 

  • Refuel Your Tank in the Early Morning or Late Night.

This tip is often neglected, but it can help improve your bike mileage. It is best to fill fuel in the early morning or late night. This is due to the reason that the fuel is denser in the heat of the day. This means you will get more fuel for the same price when filled early in the morning or at night. 


These tips can be implemented to help you save your money and improve your two-wheelers mileage. The professional experts at Doctor Garage recommend avoiding reckless and overspeeding riding practices. It is best to follow a proper periodical maintenance service that is best for you, your bike, and the environment. 

Doctor Garage offers the best worry-free bike service and repair. We provide doorstep pick-up and drop service for your convenience, so all you have to do is book your service appointment via Doctor Garage's official website. Book your bike service at Doctor Garage today!

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